White space is not your enemy

A recent blog post from Verge Yoga owner Cara Bradley really resonated with me. While Cara speaks of seeing a correlation between the amount of white space in her planning diary with the reduction of stress in her life, I am immediately reminded of the role white space plays in graphic design and see a wider analogy.

In a well designed layout of a publication, white space creates symmetry and allows the most important features to stand out. It’s often a struggle to strike a balance as the tendency is to cram as much copy and as many images as we can on a single page. But when white space is used strategically, the end result is a more effective communication piece.

Similarly, I often find I can achieve more and enjoy  more when there’s well placed ‘white space’ in my generally over-scheduled life. For example, putting space around choices provides the perspective needed for wise decisions.  Taking purposeful time to relax helps me perform better during times of tension and high energy. Taking pause to reflect allows me to savor those special moments that otherwise go unnoticed or are forgotten by the time they’re over. White space makes my life richer, not emptier.

Thanks, Cara, for the reminder that I, too, need to add more white space in my life.


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