There’s no place like home.

Remember the story of Dorothy who traveled over the rainbow to Oz in search of happiness only to learn that everything she needed and wanted was already with or within her? That’s what it’s like to travel the path of Yoga.

Welcome to the journey of a lifetime.

Yoga is like the yellow brick road. Paved with an array of practices, it continually brings the traveler back home to the Self for inquiry, reflection, and growth.

During my own 30-year odyssey, Yoga helped me overcome debilitating anxiety and stop negative thought patterns. I discovered how to move through my life feeling comfortable in my own skin. Now I share all I’ve learned with those who desire the path.

Join me for a workshop or weekly classes and I will teach you how to curb anxiety, reduce stress, improve your mood, and discover joy in your body with Yoga. These teachings will prepare you to step into the power of your true Self and live life on your own terms.

Learn to be with your breath, create your own sense of calm, and trust your inner knowing. Yoga offers a path to the wealth of resources inside you.

In my teaching, I blend evidence-based research on the science of happiness with the ancient practices of Tantra Yoga allowing students to create their personalized and progressively challenging path for sustained growth, joy, and well-being.

Through Flow In Yoga my students learn to:

  • Breathe in ways that fuel the body and calm the mind.
  • Awaken to the beauty of each moment through mindfulness skills.
  • Move the body with ease and joy both on and off the mat.
  • Balance through life’s changes and challenges.
  • Unite with body, mind, spirit, and community.

No matter your experience or fitness level, I promise to meet you where you are now and move at a pace that ensures you receive the many benefits of yoga — strength, mobility, stress reduction, and more.

Teaching Schedule

Interested in in-person classes and workshops in Hamilton, NJ, and Newtown, PA, or online live-stream offerings you can take from anywhere?

Classes are starting soon. Sign up for details.

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Classes are starting soon. Sign up for details.


Kim Winnick (she/her) is a registered RYT500, E-RYT200 and YACEP with Yoga Alliance. Her advanced studies include Core Strength Vinyasa, Wall Vinyasa, Functional Movement, Anatomy, Yoga Nidra, and Sri Vidya spiritual practices.

In 2014 Kim co-founded BAMBU YOGA and has offered classes and workshops to students throughout Mercer and Bucks counties for more than a decade.

Kim holds certificates in Positive Psychology and Positive Coaching from the Wholebeing Institute at Kripalu. Her education in the field of happiness helped her draw key connections between Eastern practices and Western science; a discovery that greatly informs and shapes her teaching style today.

A Yoga student since the early 90s and a teacher since 2011, Kim incorporates playful sequencing, creative use of props, functional movement, and mindful and visualization practices to help students connect and listen to their bodies as a source of spiritual wisdom.


Occasionally I offer musings on yoga, flow, and recent epiphanies here on my blog.

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