Specializing in Beginners

Welcome Beginner Yoga Student!

Come as you are!  No matter what your experience or fitness level may be, I promise to meet you where you are now and move at a pace that ensures you receive the many benefits of yoga — strength, mobility, stress reduction, and more.

I specialize in teaching beginners. I offer two types of programs that provide varying levels of specialized, individualized instruction to ensure new students feel prepared for starting yoga.

You CAN Do Yoga!

Starting something new in our adult years can be intimidating. Especially when we tell ourselves one of these false stories:

 “I’m too old.”
 “I’m not flexible enough.”
 “I won’t be able to keep up.”
 “I’m too fat.”
 “I’ll make a fool of myself.”

Self-doubt and limiting beliefs don’t have to get in the way of living healthier, feeling better, and aging gracefully through yoga!

Take the first step with me.

Whether private instruction or small group classes, you CAN step onto the path of Yoga with confidence.



A One-on-One Confidence Boosting Session for New Students

Through personalized instruction, you’ll get the information and hands-on experience to confidently start attending classes that meet your unique needs.

You’ll receive a one-on-one consultation and personalized lesson that includes:

  •  An overview of yoga principles
  •  Individualized goal setting
  •  Class style recommendations
  •  Tailored modifications of poses
  •  Customized practice plan


My signature series offers a safe haven for new students to gain the skills needed to confidently attend basic and flow-style classes.

After just five sessions, you’ll learn how yoga helps:

  • Align and move the body with joy and ease
  • Strengthen and tone the body
  • Improve flexibility and range of motion
  • Decrease stress and anxiety

The Absolute Beginner Program includes:

  • 5 semi-private lessons
  • Lessons for at-home practice
  • Personalized guidance for building your yoga practice

I was afraid and didn’t think I could yoga. Not only did I learn I can do it, I discovered that I love it. I love the physical changes and awareness that it brings. as well as the sense of calm and self-acceptance

Robin from Lawrenceville

“It’s always best to start at the beginning.”

~ Glinda the Good Witch

Take the first step on your Yoga path.

Use the form below to get started.

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