Who am I?

I am not my hair I am not this skin I am the soul that lives within ~India.Arie This morning I caught a TEDxTalk “The art of being yourself,” and winced as Caroline McHugh said: “You’re not your thoughts, because you think them, you can’t be your feelings because otherwise who is the ‘you’ that […]

Family Karma

(Written June 17, 2018) In today’s class, I talked about using yoga to help release ourselves from the emotional cords that exist in family karmas. Since it was Father’s Day I was prompted by the words I wrote shortly after my dad passed away. What many didn’t know is that until about two weeks before […]

Happy Endings

I close every class I teach with these words from a loving kindness meditation: May all beings everywhere be healthy May all beings everywhere be happy May all beings everywhere be safe And may all beings everywhere find peace. Meditating on loving kindness (also known as mettā meditation) is a practice intended to develop benevolence. Through this process, […]

Are You Ready to Go Beyond Asana?

One of the greatest benefits of being a yoga teacher is that it makes me a diligent student. Each month I use the Focus of the Month set by the studio where I teach to explore different aspect of yoga’s philosophical and ethical offerings.  I hunt down related lessons in classic yogic texts along with research studies in positive psychology […]