Seeing Light In Darkness – Reflections of 9/11

As we commemorate the tenth anniversary of September 11, 2001, there is much being said about the worst attack ever made on American soil and its lasting impact on our country. I can still recall the feeling of terror as the events unfolded on that day and I know that it changed me profoundly.

In the decade before 9/11, my life seemed at a standstill. Despite wanting to do a great many things, I ultimately found myself in a constant state of inaction because I worried and wondered and waited for when conditions were perfect. I was wasting time and not really living.

Watching the events unfold that day, forced us all to remember just how vulnerable we are, and that life is extremely precious. It was a huge wake up call for me. Instead of descending deeper into my ongoing state of worry, I became mobilized to take action. Witnessing the tragedy of 9/11 forced me to start living in the present moment. I began to move toward my dreams, instead of over-analyzing and waiting for just the right ‘whatever’ to come along. Within the year we bought the old farm-house we dreamed of owning, I went to work at the radio station I longed to be part of soon after, and within another year we were an approved foster-care home and on our way to building our unique family. In the years since, I adopted three children, became a yoga instructor, and volunteered for causes to make a difference for others.

Today is about remembering the people whose lives were lost that tragic day. While I didn’t know any one of them personally, the horrifying circumstances of their deaths forever changed me and, dare I say, my life is richer for it. Perhaps a life lost is never in vain when it can touch another in a positive and meaningful way.  I certainly believe that to be true.

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