What cultivates you?

In the temple of your own body, within the heart is a lotus flower. Within the lotus is an illuminated jewel space. Find who dwells in this precious space within your heart. Know that person, love that being. That is you. -Chandogya Upanishad

“Ouch! What nerve!” (Or why I have been away from this blog for two months.)

It was a Monday in August after I returned from vacation when I began experiencing pain from a pinched nerve in the C8-T1 area of my spine. At first it simply felt like I had an overworked or tight muscle behind the shoulder-blade. Then came an ache in my triceps and forearm. Within a couple …

“Reel” Inspiration

"Noodle, don't noodle..." Wiser words were never spoken on the big screen... okay, maybe those words weren't the wisest ones, but certainly this clip carries an important lesson we all need to be reminded of whenever we find ourselves wondering and worrying.