Are you finding the strawberries in your life?

The internet was abuzz earlier this week about the death of Zach Sobiech.  Diagnosed with cancer four years ago at the age of 14, Zach amazed his family and friends with the way he lived his life and his unwavering positive outlook. Last year when he learned the cancer had spread, Zach poured his energy […]

“Reel” Inspiration

“Noodle, don’t noodle…” Wiser words were never spoken on the big screen… okay, maybe those words weren’t the wisest ones, but certainly this clip carries an important lesson we all need to be reminded of whenever we find ourselves wondering and worrying.

Practicing With Intention

One of my new students surprised me when she commented on the power of setting an intention in class the day before. It struck me how well she had grasped this part of the practice, and how quickly.  What she learned in just  a few classes has literally taken me years to fully understand. I recall […]

Kids + Bedtime + Yoga = Goodnight’s Sleep

Bedtime. This is the time of day that triggers the most upheavals in my otherwise (ahem) blissful home. Fights routinely break out between my 10- and  7-year-old sons over who had the toothpaste first, who left the towel on the floor, or who “really” forgot to flush the toilet.  When it’s not an argument that’s […]