Listen: Yoga Class Playlist March

Here’s an excerpt of one of my favorite one-hour class playlists that beautifully supports the month’s focus “Let Go.” Two of the songs are new discoveries for me:  Hilary Grist’s captivating cover of Can’t Always Get What You Want and Krishnabai’s gorgeous version of Gayatri Mantra. Length of the complete playlist is about 45 minutes which allows a generous amount of silence at the end for a quiet savasana. See full track list below.

Complete playist:

Invocation by Yvette

Prologue by Loreena McKennitt

Let Her Go by Passenger

That I Would Be Good by Alanis Morissette

Can’t Always Get What You Want by Hilary Grist

Long Time Sun by Snatam Kaur

Gayatri Mantra by Krishnabai

Closing by Wah!

Feathered Friend’s Sleep Songs by Lullabye Tribe

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