Class Descriptions

Flow in Yoga – Gentle

For those who want a comfortable, nurturing yoga experience with lots of stretching and breathing exercises and deep relaxation. This class is perfect for maintaining or expanding your current range of motion as well as creating a more conscious connection between your body and spirit.  Perfect for people of all ages and fitness level. No yoga experience required.

Flow In Yoga – Basics

With a focus on developing proper alignment and breathing techniques, this class is a great way to build a solid foundation for your yoga practice. A combination of standing and seated postures at a pace that allows the student to witness the transformation within themselves. Open to beginners and intermediate students alike. No yoga experience required.

Flow In Yoga – Level 1/2

For beginners and students familiar with a range of basic postures, looking to expand their practice while increasing strength, agility and focus. This flowing class is open to students of all levels, and is perfectly suited for those who enjoy a moderate physical workout.

Students should bring a mat.  Blanket, strap and blocks are highly recommended, but optional.

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