absolute beginners series: 6-week intro to yoga

Learn the fundamentals of yoga, from the special way to breathe to the most effective methods to relieve muscle tension. This class will break down the physical postures for you, teach you how to support yourself safely and provide tips for working with any physical obstacles, like inflexibility or back pain. You will leave this series with a working knowledge of yoga and a comfort level that will allow you to step onto your mat with ease and confidence.

 In six weeks you will:

* Learn the foundation postures and basic breathing techniques

* Strengthen and tone your body

* Improve your flexibility and range of motion

* Discover ways to decrease stress and anxiety

* Be prepared to enter any Level 1 or All Level yoga class.

Date/Time:  Six Sundays 10:30am-11:30am starting Jan 22.  See curriculum.

Location:  Abington Art Center  515 Meetinghouse Road | Jenkintown, PA

Cost: $70 (Less than $12 per class!)  


Please bring a yoga mat. Blocks and strap recommended. (Need to buy yoga supplies? See suggested items.) Class limited to 12 students.

Teacher:  Kim Winnick

Questions?  Email flowinyoga@gmail.com or call 215.873.9752.


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