MeI consider it my good fortune that when I took my first yoga class at the local gym where I trained in 1996, the instructor was Parvathi Nath Saraswati. Today a renowned scholar of Vedic and Tantric doctrines, Parvathi’s teachings transcended the physical practice and delved deeply into the principles of the spiritual, emotional and subtle body in ways that made it easily accessible to students at all levels. I found her lessons to be wholly transformational.

In the years since, I have turned to my yoga practice time and again to relieve stress, energize my body, and enhance my running and weight training regimes. I continue to rely on its unique ability to take me deep within and find connection with the universe. Yoga helped me cope with the loss of my brother and supported me through an abrupt transition to motherhood after the adoption of my three children.

With all it has done to enrich my life, I have long wanted to share yoga with as many people as possible, particularly those who may not have the means or access to classes. After being a practitioner for more than a decade, I took the first step by completing my yoga teacher training at a studio co-founded by Parvathi. The experience was life-altering and I’m eternally grateful to the amazing teachers at Yogasphere and the apprentices whose path I shared.

As a Yoga Alliance registered teacher, I offer a range of class levels from gentle to vigorous flow, each with an emphasis on connecting the breath with movement and proper alignment. Through the asana practice I help students cultivate a subtle and focused exploration of the body that prepares the mind for contemplation and meditation. My goal is to give individuals a nurturing environment and the tools they need to realize their own potential for self-healing and transformation through yoga.

I’m delighted you found this site and allowed me to make an introduction. If you’re ready to discover what yoga can bring to your life, please drop me a line at flowinyoga@gmail.com.

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