Kids + Bedtime + Yoga = Goodnight’s Sleep

Bedtime. This is the time of day that triggers the most upheavals in my otherwise (ahem) blissful home. Fights routinely break out between my 10- and  7-year-old sons over who had the toothpaste first, who left the towel on the floor, or who “really” forgot to flush the toilet.  When it’s not an argument that’s […]

Tiny Yogi’s Playlist (via Yoga Skills for Youth Peacemakers)

Wonderful collection of music for yogis of all ages! One of my greatest joys these days is rocking my 9 month old son to sleep in his room while listening to music. I’ve been using the playlists I’ve made over the years teaching yoga at pre-schools. Recently, one of my old favorites came on and […]

The Secret to Deeper Forward Folds and Backbends

I had an epiphany recently about the importance of the ubiquitous cat and cow warm up phase that is frequently used in yoga classes. Because it’s so commonly practiced and there are so many more challenging poses to get to in a class, teachers and students alike often breeze through the movements taking little time […]